Blogging is a digital school where you can deliver views and thoughts and educate someone easily. It is an easy way to share information about every discipline i.e. foods, medicines, schools, colleges, universities, travels and adventures. 
Blogging has expanded its roots in every sphere, be it realty sector, tourism, business, and what not. In the current era, food blogging is the new thing and many people are highly inclined towards it. Food blogs are those platforms where you can find out a wide array of food recipes, food reviews, culinary tips & hacks, and a lot of photographs of luscious food items. Talking about Pakistan , there are many food bloggers scattered within the country. They are not known only for their food blogs, but a contribution to the hospitality sector as well. 

Some people eat food to get out of hunger but some people have an ardent interest having different kinds of food. Such people call themselves “foodies.”
Most food bloggers weren’t professional at first. They all had started baking to relieve stress and to treat their families. Later, the idea of showcasing their unique cooking talents and sharing their modified recipes has led to the creation of their food blogs.

Here is the list of the famous food bloggers in Pakistan, who have experienced wide varieties of food from different places and also have their own recipes:

Shayma Saadat is the founder and author of the award-winning food blog, The Spice Spoon, which was ranked among the 50 Best Food Sites Globally by The Independent in 2011.
The blog features a multitude of Pakistani, Irani and Afghani dishes. 
It is one of the best food blogs because the founder of the blog shares her family’s food traditions with the world and has helped the international audience become more aware of the culinary practices of her multi-ethnic heritage. 
Saadat has always been interested in cooking, experimenting in the kitchen since the age of nine. Her food adventures trace their path along what she calls the ‘Silk Route’ (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran).

2.    FLOUR & SPICE:
Flour & Spice is a food centric blog run by Sara. She is a Pakistani born Canadian mother who is passionate about baking and enjoys cooking as well.  This mother of a preschooler was previously a financial adviser and is making her cooking experience more pleasant by sharing it with her followers.

Mehrunnisa Yusuf’s instagram takes lead from her food blog Come Con Ella.
Mehrunnisa’s blog is not only famous for her adorably chic design, but her artisan-style recipes make great comfort food staples for both global and traditional kitchens. She also has an uncanny ability to paint us the history, heritage and “feeling” behind each dish with words. She has a photographic memory as she loves to describe herself as a visual note-taker.

This blog is run by food blogger Asna, a Pakistani-American who recreates recipes inspired by local and international cuisine.
She has an optimistic attitude towards life and her bio shows that she loves to take life the way it is. She loves life with all its blessings and shortcomings. Aspiring food bloggers can learn the ins and outs of food presentation from Asna.

This is just a list of few of the famous food bloggers around the country. Some other notable names from a variety of cities are as follows:  
•The Food Lover from Capital Kitchen/Cooking
•Islamabad Foodies
•Sarah’s Takeout 
•Amna Says 
•Sumayya Usmani
•Chefling Tales
•Girl Gotta Eat

Food blogs have their own charm and the future of food blogging is very bright in our country since many hotels and restaurants are investing big bucks to make people notice their culinary delights. 
The situation has also become more intense with Pakistani people exploring cuisines from different parts of the world such as Chinese, Thai, Lebanese and Mexican, among many loved foreign cuisines.
Food bloggers who have already established themselves in this niche are inspiring. If you have a passion for food and love to do experiments with your cooking methods, why not make the attempt to let the world know?

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